Facebook: How to See What’s Really Important to You

Facebook Tip Sheet #1

Facebook: How to See What’s Really Important to You

The Solution: Creating a Friends List
Time needed: about 10 minutes

Ever get the feeling that you’re missing something? Once you get over a certain number of friends on Facebook–somewhere around 50 or 60 people–you probably are! With all that information flowing by, it can be difficult to see what you really want to see about the people who are important to you. In fact, you may not have any idea their posts are even there, so you might not know what you’re missing.

By creating specific lists of your friends, you’ll find it much easier to see what’s going on with the people you care about, and to respond back to them.

To create a Friends list:

  • Go to your Newsfeed page (the one you reach when you click on the “Facebook” logo on the top left of your page).
  • In the menu bar on the left side of the page, click on “Friends.”
  • On this “Friends” page, click on the box at the top, “Create a list.”
  • This opens up a new window. Enter the name of the list you’d like to make, and then go to town and select the friends you want to include in this list.

After you’ve created the list, it will show up as a sub-menu under the “Friends” menu on the left side of your Newsfeed page. (You’ll first need to click on “Friends” to open up these sub-menus.)

Here are some ways to organize your lists:

  • You may want to create one just for your “Family” and another for your closest friends. I call this list “True Friends.” Other possibilities are “Inner Circle,” “My Peeps.” You get the idea.
  • You may want a “Work” list, or perhaps “Co-workers.”
  • If you have your own business and also use FB for this purpose, you may want a list for “Clients” or “Customers.” It’s also good to create a list for “Potential Customers” so that you can easily view those folks and comment on their FB posts as a way to build relationships and trust.
  • You might want to create lists for your interest areas. For example, if you are an avid soccer fan and a group of your friends are too, that might be your “Soccer” list.
  • You can also create geographical lists – you may want to group all your friends who live in the same city as you. An alternate way to get this information is to join a Network on Facebook.

It would be great to hear if this information is helpful to you.


5 responses to “Facebook: How to See What’s Really Important to You

  1. Maia:

    This is very helpful for me, and I’m going to set about creating some lists right away.


  2. Kathy Whilden

    Thanks, I too will try it. I feel somewhat chaotic with facebook.

  3. Robert and Kathy – glad this tip is useful for both of you. Let me know if you have any troubles in setting up the lists.


  4. Maia, thanks once again for what you share…such a sense of thoughfulness and generosity in your postings. This tip seems a key one for my growing reliance on social media. And I listened with interest to George Kao’s teleclass. Its a new frontier!

  5. Hey MV,

    My pleasure! I live to serve : )

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